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How to upload a data list
How to upload a data list

Here's how you upload your data list to launch your sms and/or RVM campaigns

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  1. Log into your platform

  2. On the left hand side, select “List Management” then “View Lists”

3. Before you upload your list, make sure you do not have any blank rows, missing information, or incorrect formatting. All phone numbers should be in the same column and so on. Basically make sure you have a clean list.

4. Use the large box below to either drag your CSV file to or click the box to search and upload your CSV file. (Note: Your data list MUST be in CSV format)

5. Once your list is uploaded, click on the edit button.

6. Make sure your file is named properly and you create a description for organization.

7. Use the field mappings section to map any fields from your data list. Match the fields on the right to fields on the left. Only match the fields you will be using in your messages. The only required field to match is the “Phone” field. Without a phone field mapped, the system will not be able to send messages. Save your changes. Your list is ready to use.

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