How to Set-Up an IVR

This is how you setup an IVR in your slingshotsms portal.

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  1. Log into your platform

  2. On the left hand side, select “Audio Library”

3. Then select “IVRs”

4. Click on “New IVR” button

5. Enter the “Name” of the IVR and a brief “Description” to keep you messages organized. Make sure it says Active and click the “Add IVR” button.

6. Once you save the IVR it will be visible in the IVR list. Now click on the button with 3 horizontal lines to set up the IVR menu.

7. Click the button “New IVR Menu”

8. Enter the name of the IVR menu to stay organized. Select YES from the “First Menu” drop down. (Note: If your IVR is going to give options that go into additional recordings you will need to record those and add additional IVR menus that would be listed as “First Menu” = No)

9. Select the IVR audio file you recorded from the drop down list “Menu Audio”

10. Enter the digits you have as options in your recording separated by a comma.

11. Once completed, click the “Add IVR Menu” button.

12. Once your menu is created, you will need to tell the menu what to do when the digits you entered are pressed. To do this, click the button with 3 horizontal lines.

13. Click on the “Action” drop down and select the appropriate function for each digit. If you do not have a forward number populate, you need to enter a forward number in the configuration settings. You can do this by clicking your name at the top right of the screen and clicking Configuration.

14. Click Save once the actions are assigned. (Note: Use the Web Hook URL to post to a third party system. Text Value is an advance feature)

15. You can listen to your recorded IVR message by clicking the play button icon at the top of the page. This will help if you forget what the message says regarding digits pressed and actions taken.

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