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How to set up a Call Route / Group
How to set up a Call Route / Group

This is how you setup call routes and call groups in your slingshotsms portal.

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  1. Log into your platform

  2. On the left hand side click “Phone Management”

3. Then click “Call Routes / Groups”

4. Click on the “New Call Route” button

5. Enter the name you would like to call this Call Route / Group. Use a name that will keep your Call Route / Groups organized.

6. Place a “Forward Number” IF you would like to have the inbound calls from the numbers you are using forwarded to a number.

7. Select a pre-recorded IVR from the drop down to use IF you would like to have the inbound calls from the numbers you are using to go to an IVR. (Note: You should always have either a forward number or IVR in place so you can capture the calls coming in from the numbers you are using to send the messages.)

8. Assign specific phone numbers to this Call Route / Group by moving phone numbers from “Un-Routed Numbers” to “Routed Numbers”. Do this by dragging the number from one box to the other. If you have no phone numbers in the “Un-Routed Numbers” box, you will have to purchase additional phone numbers.

9. You can choose to have a message play during after hours if you like by typing out your message in the “Text to Voice Message” box. This message will play when someone calls in outside of your designated business hours.

10. If you decide to create a “Text to Voice Message”, select if you would like a Male or Female voice from the drop down.

11. From the drop down, select what folder you would like SMS responses to go to. If you do not have any folders set up, it will default to your inbox. If you would like a specific folder, you will have to create the folder first.

12. If you are posting data to a third party system, you can place your “Call Status URL” in this box.

13. Make sure the “Active” box is checked and click “Save”. Your Call Route / Group will now be available for use with Campaigns and Auto Responders.

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