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How to record a Voicemail & IVR Message
How to record a Voicemail & IVR Message

Here's how to record a voicemail and IVR message to use in your Slingshotsms portal.

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  1. Log into your platform

  2. On the left hand side select “Audio Library”

3. Then select “Media Manager”

4. Click the “New Audio” button

5. From this screen, you can choose to record your message in the “New Recording” box by clicking on the red record button. Then click the same button to stop recording when you are done.

6. If you like the message, Name the recording and click the green save button. This will save your recording to the Media Manager.

7. If you would like to upload a pre-recorded file, use the “Existing Recording” box. Name the recording, click “Upload File” then click the upload button to save the recording.

8. You can also create a text to speech message by going to “Audio Library” then “Media Manager” and clicking the “New Text To Speech” button.

9. From here, name the text to speech message and type the message out in the “Text” box.

10. Click “Save Text to Speech” to save the message.

11. To view your recordings, click on “Audio Library” then “Media Manager” From here you can listen to your recording by pressing the play button. 

12. You can edit the name and description by clicking the edit button.

13. You can delete the recording by clicking the trash button.

14. You can download the recording by clicking the download button.

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