1. Log into your platform

  2. On the left hand side, select “Phone Management”

3. Then select “Purchase Numbers”

4. Type in the area code you would like to have for your numbers and click “Lookup”

5. If the phone numbers are available in that area code, they will display below

6. Select the numbers you would like to purchase by clicking the check box to the left of the number.
7. Once your numbers are selected, click the “Buy Selected Numbers” button

8. You will receive a confirmation and the numbers will now show up as available numbers under “Phone Management” – “Show Numbers”

9. If there are no numbers available in the area code you selected, you will receive an Error message telling you there are no numbers available in that area code. It will also give you a message of suggested area codes in that area.

10. Go back to “Purchase Numbers” and try another area code.
11. If you really want an area code that is not available, contact support to order phone numbers for that area code. They will place that order for you. 

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