1. Log into your platform

  2. On the left-hand side, click on “Campaigns” then “New Campaign” then “Voicemail Drop”

3. Name your campaign in the “Campaign Name” field

4. Select your start date and time by clicking on the start date field

5. You can type your date and time out. Or you can select the date box and then click on the clock icon at the bottom and select the time.

6. Click on the “List” field dropdown to select your data list to send the messages to.

7. Select the phone numbers to use for this campaign by clicking on your Call Route/Group to the right. This will automatically highlight/select the phone numbers associated with that Call Route/Group. Note: You need a minimum of 2 phone numbers to send voicemail drops as one phone number will be used as the collision number.

8. Select the voicemail message recording that you recorded from the drop down labeled “Audio File”.

9. You may choose to have an automated SMS message sent out upon a successfully delivered message and/or failed delivered message. Place your SMS message content in the box provided. Click the “Delivered” or “Failed” button to switch between messages. 

10. If you would only like to run on weekdays, click the “Weekdays Only” checkbox. If you do want to run on weekends, make sure to leave this box unchecked.

11. Set your start and end times of the day in the “Run From” & “Run Until” by clicking on the field and selecting the appropriate time.

12. Set the amount of messages per hour you would like to send by moving the “Throttle” back and forth. The number of messages you can send per hour will be determined by the amount of phone numbers you have selected. Each phone number can send a max of 500 messages per hour. Under the “Throttle” you will see the number of messages per hour change as you move it back and forth. Note: You need a minimum of 2 phone numbers to send voicemail drops as one phone number will be used as the collision number. The ideal number here is between 100 and 120 messages per hour.

13. Select the “Area Code Matching” box if you want to match the area code of the phone number you are using to send the message to the phone number of the recipient. Note: You will need to have phone numbers that match the area code of the phone numbers in your list for this function to work properly.

14. If you would like to suppress any records in your list by state or carrier, select those accordingly in the boxes provided.

15. If you would like to scrub your list records against the Blacklist Alliance database, check the box. To learn more about the Blacklist Alliance visit http://www.blacklistalliance.com/This is a pay as you go feature. You may also become a member of the Blacklist Alliance and place your API Key in the configuration settings to automatically scrub all lists you deploy against the database.

16. Click the button “Schedule” and your campaign will be scheduled to go live. You can view your campaign under “Campaigns” then “Show Campaigns”.

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