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How to Create a Folder in the Messenger
How to Create a Folder in the Messenger

Here's how to create folders in the messenger area to keep your messenger clean and organized.

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  1. Log into your account 

  2. On the left-hand side click on “Messenger” then “Folders”. 

3. Click on the button “New Folder”

4. Enter the name of your folder in the field “Folder Name”

5. You can choose to create any canned responses in the “Canned Response” field. Note: If you create multiple canned responses, just hit “Enter” once completed and it will save the canned response and allow an additional one to be created. 

6. If you choose to, you may enter a webhook URL in the field labeled “Webhook URL” to send a copy of any conversation moved into this folder to another system like a CRM. This is how where you would put the 'Post webhook URL' from tools like Podio GlobiFlow or Zapier to send new converstations to your CRM.

7. Click the “Create Folder” button to save your folder. You can now see this folder in your messenger in the folders section. You may also use this folder in your Call Route / Group as well.

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